Control is a video game which is going to be released in the near future. The game combines the action with adventure to make a perfect combination. The player of the game will play it by third person perspective. 

The players will be playing the game as Jesse Faden. The weapons of the game are service weapons. Jesse is also loaded with the supernatural firearms. The game is fighting with the weapons and powers in different combat styles. 


The story of the game is featured around the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secret U.S. government agency tasked with containing and studying phenomena. It contains the concept of supernatural and hence it deregulate the phenomenon occurring in nature. 

The player of the game will visit the Bureau's newest Director. The players are going to explore the Oldest House which is located in the FBC's paranormal New York headquarters. The player will be able to utilize powerful abilities in order to defeat a deadly enemy known only as the Hiss. 

It has invaded and corrupted reality. The good feature of the game is customization. Control's combat system can be customized and balanced by each player's personal preferences. 

The Health of the player in Control does not recharge automatically. The player must pick up the health from fallen enemies which are previously killed by the player. The place of fight in the game is consisting of a vast exterior of the old house. 

The player has the choice to wander around and get the enemies defeated. It is under the control of player to choose the way and then fight with the enemies. 

The old house in the game is featured as the place of power. The player has to fight with the supernatural, otherworldly forces which are continuously changing the objects. 

Jesse, means the player picks up Trench's fallen sidearm, the Service Weapon, which she discovers is a supernatural Object of Power that "chooses" its wielder via a mysterious ritual. You have to defeat the Hiss in order to continue with the role of Jesse in the game. 

The game is much like a mystery, as the player is going to find the truths about the past. As the replay ability makes the game more stunning, the team of the developers worked to make Control as replay able game. 

The goal of the developers of the game story can be quoted as, to make the players able to create their own stories in the game by selecting the paths, customized characters and places. The game is developed in a darker theme relating it to supernatural. 

The game can be thought of the playable mystery with huge machines and accessories that can change the whole real world to an artificial modern world. The weapons and places are changing their shapes. The enemies appear in all of the sudden and the player has to kill them before their attack. At the same time, you have to hide from the enemy attacks and gunshots in order to save power.


Control is a supernatural video game. It contains a number of different and amazing features which entertain the player. The player act as third person and is named Jesse. The enemy has to be defeated which is continuously changing the shape. These features add mystery to the fighting game which makes it different game.  

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