Death Stranding First Preview

The game, Death Stranding is action game. The game is better known to be of stealth genre. As the name of the game suggests that it includes some concepts about death. The game is featured between the connections of life with death. The initial life concepts are used in the game. Stick, which is used to protect oneself from others through distance.


At the same time, one can have a rope to save the life. In the game, the use of rope is made by the developers of the game. Death stranding is the title with the intention of stranding between life and death. Connections between the life and the death are featured in the game. The game characters include a baby whose role will be disclosed upon the release of the game. The baby is encased in the artificial womb. It has a feature of pulling an infected toenail.  The game is featured in a green, mountainous land of rivers and jungle like places. 

The game starts with the death of main character. The name of character is Sam. Sam dies and takes you to a whole new world. Here you are going to discover a new life at new place. The new world plays can cause a lot of damage to the player and the number of explosions occurs. The stains and damages of the other world remains with the player, although it comes back to the original world. The player has to be protected from the rain. Rain decreases the power of the player. That’s deleterious. The player also have the ability to recover when die. It helps long term play.


The story of the game is the connection between the scattered societies. The players decides and works for the gathering of the societies and broken apart cities. The cities are connected through the strands. It is as per the Death Stranding title, to join the people through links and strands. Sam, the player of the game explores the various worlds on various rides such as bike. The fight is against the army headed by Mads Mikkelsen. The entire face and body of Sam is covered with the tattoos. Up to now, the game information reveals the team plays. 

The game will be played collectively with many players. Each one helping the other to connect the isolated walls. Sam will be helping the natives from the annihilations. Progression of the game reveals the number of explosions and mysterious features. The mission of Sam is to save the people from mysterious storms and forces. 

Sam is loaded with a number of instruments and tools. The gun to shoot the mysterious creatures and enemy. The use of gun and aided with the devices, it helps Sam to conquer the areas. The addition of two more characters increases the features of the game. The one feature eats everything that is a live maggot. The actors in the game pla yed an important role. Each character described by the particular actors and the actresses. 


Death Stranding is a video game with a feature to connect all the isolated cities and areas together with the efforts. The graphics of the game tells about the life and death connections. There are some fights and a baby role in the game. Death Stranding is a solely action game by Kojima. The game is up to date with well featured characters and roles being played by the actors. Sam works to unite the shattered places together. 

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