Dying Light 2 First Preview

In The Start Of The Game

Dying light 2 is a first person shooting game. The genre of the game can be predicted as horror. It is also a role playing game. The game is a continuation of Dying Light. The features of the game can be predicted from the trailer and pictures which presents a number of interesting characters. The game can be thought of the era named as ‘New Dark Ages’. 

These are distinct features in the game, the player has to choose the way to find the enemy. The player is walking and jumping over the roofs of buildings, lifting up with the trucks and running over the scary places. The enemy are the men, who are loaded with weapons like guns and saws. 

You have to prevent the attack of the enemy and also kill them back. Clearing the place, you have to now move on in the next place. The next place can be chosen by the player himself. A number of different worlds are added in the game, from which you can chose the one of your interest. 

The choice is to be made a bit quicker. The enemies and weapons in each mode are different. The different locations are also added in the modes. The color scheme is also used very effectively. 

In the Story Of the Game

The story of the game can be described as the zombie, which is a destructive enemy and is ruining the whole world. The initial story tells that the characters are bitten by something which made them poisonous and they got infected. They have to prevent themselves from the sun otherwise they will get destroyed. Somehow, they succeed to convert in the zombie like creatures. These are destroying the world now and you have to save your world. The weakness of these zombies is sun. Their flesh falls of their body, which may feel disgusting at first. 

They are not very dangerous for the player. The player has to fight and stop it from destroying the world. You just have to run away from the zombies but not to kill them. Because, they will kill you only if they see you. The game is do or die. If you don’t kill the enemy, the enemy is going to kill you back. During fight, a lot of blood is coming out making the game more realistic. The dead enemies can be seen walking in the game.

Weapons in the game 

The weapons are used by the players to kill the enemy. The player can also send the army for the opponent. The choice is up to the player, which weapon is to be used at what time or either just run away from the sight. Every action that is made by the player will be followed by certain consequences. You have to bear for what you have selected in the game. Of course, you have to pick up, make decision a bit faster, as the game will not allow you a lot of time. The graphics of the game are also designed beautifully and it feels like the real fighting place. 

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In The Verdict

Dying Light 2 is an action game. The fights of various types are available in the single game which makes the game worth important. The modes are selected by the players. The battlefields are designed uniquely and finding the enemy to kill it also adds some mystery in the game. It is a great game with notable features like worlds, characters, sounds and sceneries. 


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