Doom Eternal is a third person shooting, video game. The game is based upon the fighting and action. Shooting the enemy and saving oneself from the attacks is the main goal of the player. During the play, one must be eligible to shoot on time and use the packs at right place to kill the enemy. 

The main features of the game include giant characters, chubby enemy characters and fighting places. Like most of the shooting games, the game is going to be full of blood, violent sounds, some fearing visuals and shooting sounds. The players go with the flow of the Doom Eternal and shooting one by one at the places, clearing them. The guide is also given in the beginning which will help the players use the proper machines and guns. In this game, a number of creatures are added which look like octopus, their hands like the sting of the Scorpio. These hands are given special tools for firing at the opponents. 

Doom Eternal Gameplay

Doom Eternal Gameplay 2019 | Doom Eternal Coming in 2020

In Doom Eternal, a number of new tools & instruments are introduced such as grappling hook, firearms for fire shooting, flame thrower which is mounted on the shoulder and arm blades. These firearms allows the player to kill the enemy throwing fire on to them standing on a distance. The games starts with the castles, enter the castle and clear it from the enemy. Mega enemy enters at the end of game. 

The important feature of the game is its flow. The players will get in to the game within no time. A faster game don’t allow the player to take rest. Continuous play makes it a more interesting game. Strategy works are not usually required in Eternal Doom for the killing of opponent is to be utilized here. The player will be visiting a number of Phobos and stations for the game play. 

Eternal Doom is a multiplayer game. 

The interesting feature developed in the game which is attracting the audience is the two player’s battle mode. The one player will be using a number of weapons. While the other one will use the self-power. There are a number of demons that arise in the game at various points. These demons have a number of features like strange motion, attacks and fires. 

The gamer has to stop all the upcoming shoots. The main feature of the game is teamwork requirement. The multiplayers will be helping each other to remain safe from the fires and attacks of small creatures as well as the demons. 

The player has to take care of the common people working at the station, save them and try not to kill them. Some automatic features are also added in the game. You have to just keep an eye on the enemy. Players will be having a couple of fights with the demons, as the game has a greater number of demons with more features. Shooting them at specific locations helps decreasing their power rapidly and a bit easily, instead of unnecessary shooting all over the demon. 

Doom Eternal Verdict

Doom Eternal 2020 is an action game with a multiplayer mode. It is a battle game and requires a skill of shooting at time and concentration on the enemy features and movements. Targeting the demons in the game is a very lovely part. One must know how to team up and then play as team to win this game. The strategy is a bit much important in the Doom Eternal. The use of advanced weapons in the game makes it more enjoyable. 

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