Ghost of Tsushima is an adventure game along with the action genre. The game is adventured in the jungle land under the windy sky. The player is riding the horse and passing through the grassy lands. The player has to fight with the soldier enemies in the beginning of the game. 

The weapons of the player seems to be some knifes, lance, shaft and spears. It gives the game an old touch and feels like the player indulged in it completely. The player is in the combat style. The game avoids the over numbering. Another feature that is enhancing the beauty of game is flash light effects. These are so well suited and added in series, thus, making the game a perfect one. The player is not alone in this game, there are some allies which are together with the player, Jin Skai. 

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay / Story

The story of the game has the origin from Japan. The player will be playing in a devastated island and have to fight for making the Mongols out of the island while standing against the number of enemies in completing the mission. One can also play the game with Japanese subtitles. These subtitles can also be in English depending upon the choice of gamer. 

The sound effects of the game are also developed beautifully and engaging the gamer more into game. The player is playing it as the third person in Tsushima. You have to roam around the number of places in the Tsushima Island. Most of the way is covered by riding a featured horseback. 

The color effects in the game are good and mostly attractive for the gamers who want to play in somewhat isolated places. Ghost of Tsushima revolves around the action and stealth. The player shows various tactics with the spears and the swords which are traditional element of Japan games. 

The title of the game is well suited because the player will be fighting with the enemies like the way ghost fights. The unique features of the game are attracting the gamers as it is completely a new type of fights with different methods, techniques and tactics. It can be seen in the trailer that the horses are armored. The player is loaded with the plenty of traditional weapons. These include the katana, a long bow, spear and many more. The player will be fighting with Mongol Empire as the enemy. 

The soldiers of Mongol will also be fighting along with the horses and weapons. Archery skills are shown from both of the sides, the player and the rivalry. The gamers has to play the game intelligently to attack on the enemy, to win the game. 

Mongol Army

The Mongol army will be led by some special character which will serve as the main enemy of the player. You basically have to fight with that person and make him fall down. The player has to explore the game lands and finish them as quickly as possible to get rid of the enemy spy and soldiers in the way to knock down the Mongols Empire in the territory. 

Ghost of Tsushima Verdict

Ghost of Tsushima is a video game which can be illustrated as action plus adventure game. The player plays the game with a perspective of third person named, Jin Stai. The game is featured in an open world which is explored by the player on a horseback. Mongols Empire army is the enemy of the player. The leading person of the enemy is the main person who is to be defeated by the player. 

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