The Last of Us 2: The last of us is a fighting game by Naughty Dog studio. The game is of action genre and is full of wonderful adventures. The Last of Us II is a single player game and is the most awaited game since the announcement for the game was done in 2014. 

The last of us 2 Release date 2019, so a long span has passed. Gamers waiting for added features in the game.
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  • It is going to be released in the sequel of game “The last of us”. The decision to release the sequel is made after the huge success of the first game. The game is an intense fighting. It contains a lot of blood and violent scenes in the story. The brutal killing of the opponents can be seen easily in the updated photos and trailer of the game.
Player Shooting Like a Gun

The player is shooting and fighting for the life in the game from a number of attackers all around her. The player will be playing as Ellie. Ellie is much harder and stronger in the game. You are fighting to survive in a wild area. Joel and Ellie both are surviving in a fighting taking place in the game. You have to use the power at right place to kill the opposing entities. The game is basically a stealth based combat and is usually played with whole attention. 

Some Best Feature Of Last of us 2 Gameplay" Interview of Character of Last of us 2 2020 Game"

  • →The features of Ellie are updated in The Last of Us II. As well as the enemies are made more strong and tricky than before. It added thrill in the game. The weapons are also updated for the part 2 and their use is enhanced. While talking about the game features, background and themes, the darker themes are used in the game. It allows the game to be in dark mode.
 Some of Trailer Preview, Characters of The Last Of Us II

The player has to hide somewhere and the enemies will try to find her. It adds more interesting feature to the game. The weapons are guns, blades, blasts and some shooting devices. The addition of sounds and music behind the fight is also awesome. Including Ellie, there are some other characters which are added in the game. 

These include Lara, Lev, Emily and some voice characters also appeared in the game. The enemies in the game also talk with one another about the killing of Ellie. Ellie is given some more features as compared to Joel. It makes the condition of Ellie stronger. The wise playing will make the game more interesting.

Verdict of The last of us 2 Preview

 As a single player game, The Last of Us is a wonderful game. It combines the fighting actions with the adventures. The darker themes utilization and additional features for the player, Ellie, makes the game more advanced and high quality.

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