Gears 5 Review 2020

Gears 5 Review

Gears 5 is a video game to be released in 2019. The game is third person shooting game. Combining the action, thrill and fight together, Gears 5 is the leading game. It is adventurous play. It is added in the sequence of series of game, Gears of War. The player of the game plays a role of Kait, who is an outsider. Kait is a female protagonist. The player of the game will be leading the team for the contest. The game is a single player. But the characters from Gears4 also returns in the game and help the Kait. The name suggests that the player will roam around the Gears world and save the Locust. The game has an interesting story to fight with the enemy or evil to save the origins of Locust. The mystery steps in the game by the addition of discovering the Locust origins by Kait itself by joining the clues. The game allows you to play in split screen in order to play with friends.

The game is created with a number of worlds and added features such as glaciers, mountains, deserts and plain area to find the Gears5 world. As this is a fighting game and shooting, the game is featured with bloody regions and intense sounds due to violence. Kait, the player has to discover the danger worlds in order to proceed further. It will be done by intelligence and on spot use of power and instruments. War experience will help the players, get suited to the game quickly. The humans of the place can be seen fighting against the unnatural features in order to protect themselves. The bloody creatures are attacking the humans, and Kait with her team has to save the people by killing the creatures. The game is featured with the innovations and additions in the characters and places with a new touch, and it all feels like the gears.

The game is more beautified by the use of dark and bright places at the same time. The weather conditions changes and the number of other tool’s features are present in the game. The combat of the game is intensified and more challenging than the previous series games. The speed is also enhanced. Kait is to be more intelligent in order to survive the intensified environment. So, the gamers are helping her to achieve her goal. Kait is being helped by the necklace she is wearing. The necklace was given to her by the grandmother. The problems of Kait are continuously being advised in the dreams due to the necklace. The game story begins at the place where the story of Gears was started.  The player of the game Gears 5 has to fight from the perspective of Kait. Emotions and trusts are to be converged with courage to reveal the Locust, Kait’s family and save the unarmed citizens from the bloody, giant, bad creatures. Fight through guns, firearms, blasts and other powerful accessories.


Gears 5 is an action game. It is played under the command of player, Kait. Kait will work to reveal the shady past of her family. The squad helps Kait to find and kill the creatures that are destroying the place and killing the humans as well. The guns and fighting accessories accompanied with the intelligent use, help to conquer the world and free it from the bloody creatures. Gears 5 can be played with split screens, adjusting the powers and features of the game. Aiding Kait to achieve the goal.

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