Fifa 20 is an online upcoming game. It is a sports game for football lovers. It is 27th sequel of the Fifa series which is one of the most loved game in the world of football. A number of new features and advance football tricks has been added in the game for making it more featured. It allows the players to change the modes in the game in terms of number of players. 

You can play in the traditional mode with 11 players in the opponent team as well as in your team. While a number of futsal modes are added in the Fifa 20. These include 3, 4 and 5 player’s team. The traditional 11v11 player’s team mode has also enhanced, in order to encourage more 1-on-1s, off-the-ball space creation. Another feature that is updated is new penalty and free-kick mechanics. The ball of the game is also modified in terms of design and looks.

That is, the physics of the ball is updated. The player can also customize their own playing character. You can select the gender of your player. There is a wide range of clothes containing the costumes of countries shirts as well as other designs are in your wardrobe. The accessories for the play can also be changed as per the player’s will. For example, the shoes and hats are changed accordingly. In this way, the game is going to be the favorite game of football fans. There are a lot of new features to be explored by the players of Fifa.

The one of important feature of Fifa 20 is Volta Football. This feature allows to change the traditional 11v11 player team mode. Volta Football has a "The Journey" style storyline, which will be played with the character of the player. The game allows the video players to play in liquid mode as well as in the indoor mode. The gamers will be able to play this game on three platforms.  These three platforms include PC, PS4 and Xbox one. 

The players will be able to play in a number of modes such as campaign mode, online leagues and squads and customizable player avatars in the game. Hence, the game is providing a full featured football including every feature and mode. The new tweaks with the ball are available in Fifa 20. You will be able to play off the ball. The player will get more time and space for hitting the football and hence allowed to have more tweaks. 

The spin of the ball in air and its movement are also enhanced. You will now be able to play with ball during the flight that is deflecting the ball motion and direction. The player and goalkeepers will be now less frightened in the game. The additional features are given to the goalkeeper which made it to be called as Superhuman. Strafe dribbling will allow you having a perfect idea of shooting and kicking. The difficult passes will also be possible with the game. These all features, made the football players desperate to get the game.


Fifa 20 is the most awaited sports game for the football fans. The enhanced features and additional customization are making this game superior as compared with the other sports games. The Volta football is also an awaited mode of the game.

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