Minecraft: Dungeons is an upcoming video game. It is an action game with a number of blocky characters. The 3D block characters are designed very perfectly for the game. The color combinations of the block characters are also very suitable with the surrounding city.

It, at first, takes the person to a whole 3D world experience. One can see the diablo action in this game. This is featured in a Minecraft environment. The darker blocks in the place with the lighting of yellow colors with the candles, its sounds a great location to play for the game. The game can be played by four players at the time.

The combat is dependent more on the progress of the character instead of collecting the loot from the fallen enemy. The player character is featured with the blocks with a weapon in the hand. One can call it a traditional class based structure.

The battle is to be played by the player with the selected character in the game. You can select any character from the game accessories. There are a number of items, weapons, armors and tools for the fight in the game. The proper selection and on time use of all these accessories can help the player progress far in the game.

You have to stop the attack of the enemy before your power fall down. The weapons type is selected according the mode of the play. If you are playing like a soldier, you must pick up a gun with you from the store. You can use bows and armors for reducing the cool down speed. It will increase your power of fighting, as you will be able to use the weapons again a bit faster.

The game offers 20 different enchants. The player can choose anyone out of them. You can create the explosions and other rocket attacks by using the accessories. Hence, this game is featured with a number of weapons, characters, modes and styles of the play. In whole game, you will get the blocky appearance.

The buildings, walls, characters and the enemies, all are made of 3D blocks. The aim of the Minecraft game is to save the innocent villagers from the cruel Arch Illager. Stop the enemy from kidnapping the people.

The game progresses with the levels clearance. Each level is like a new mission and you have to achieve it to go ahead. These missions can be like to kill a specific demon or boss in the story. Or set free a citizen from the slavery of the enemy. The more features are added in the game battles and loot as you play the higher levels.

It is up to you to select the missions and then complete them. The difficulty of the levels is assigned by the game automatically. It depends on the power you have, remaining with you. The colors of the game mostly revolves around brown, fire yellow and orange shades. The puzzles can be solved in the game to access the loot and weapons faster.


Minecraft: Dungeons is an action-adventure game. It is based on the 3D block features. It is going to be one of the great battling game with more difficulty levels and interesting missions. The choice of character and mission is dependent on the mood of the player.

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