No more heroes 3 is an action-adventure upcoming video game.  The game is sequel of the series No more heroes. The game is going to be released in the next year. The player of the game will be playing as Travis Touchdown. 

The player will be assigned the mission which is to be solved. The main feature of the player character is its weapon. It is a special weapons which looks like a light saber. The player will aim at becoming world’s biggest assassin. It is to be achieved with the help of special weapon named as Beam Katana. The unique viewpoint of the game, demands the player to play it with full concentration and using the intelligence. 

The game is going to be the huge fun. No more heroes 3 also uses some weird energies in it as the last parts were doing. There are several skill which are shown by the player during the fight such as jumping, flying and running, swirling. 

The flying is done wearing a powered armor. The pyramids of giant size can also be seen in the trailer of the game. The interesting part of the game is enemies. You have to fight with the enemies of robotic appearance. They look like robotic mannequins. Travis return to his hometown which is named as Santa Destroy. While in the hometown he encounters a huge number of artificial metropolis floating in the sea, and a mysterious flying object which is located high above the city.

Travis is a cool person with lush features. He has no fear in the body movements and actions. He, as player, rips off his tatty threads, shout loud the word Hen shin and then transforms into an alien. This alien is killing machine as an Iron Man-like character. 

The suit encompasses him. He then flies off far away, and starts killing the enemy with his beam katana. The features of the game are very astonishing, specially the playing character. The player will feel proud while playing the game as the Travis is very attitude guy. 

The features of the game are executed greatly. The Travis, changes its appearance wearing a suit which may be customizable by the player. The Travis flies and enters the whole new world. Just upon the entrance, the player, Travis, faces an attack from the enemy which try to stop his entry into the field. But this is manageable and then, the fight starts between the player and the enemy. 

The player can use fire balls for attacking on the enemy and destroying their buildings. With special powers, you can kill the enemy characters. The game is built according to the modern word requirements. It seems like you are playing in some modern world and making the decisions like the professionals for winning the game through strategy and swag. The bright features of the game make it much appealing. The useful sounds takes the player into the world of fantasy fights. These features make it a most awaited game.


No more heroes 3 is a fighting game with a special weapon, Beam Katana. The game character is Tavis, which is a modern, swag boy and fights with attitude. The overall graphics of the game are recognizable and wonderful.

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