Super Mario Maker 2 is the sequel of first game. Due to huge number of fans of super Mario maker 1, the developers are now launching the second part. The game is a side scrolling super Mario game. The game is loaded with a great number of features and characters as compared to the first part. The game is having 100 course that are built-in. 

Inside each course, there is a broad range of parts, tools, and a number of features which can be utilized by the gamers to create interesting stories in the form of courses. The features include the slide down of Cat Mario, coin shooting cannons and a number of different features which will be explored upon the release of the game. 

One can also play the game in two player mode. You can pass the joy coin to the partner and can built collectively on the single system as per the mood of the players.If we talk about the color schematics and graphics of the game, the bright colors are used in the game with best combinations and enjoyable features. 

The time mode is also available with the game. You have to finish the task within the given seconds and otherwise you will lose. Super Mario Maker 2 was designed for the touch screens. The game has two modes. In the first mode, you have to create the story by your own. But if you feel yourself more like a player than a creator, don’t worry. 

Just switch to the story mode and now you only have to play the already built story. It consists of over 100 levels which are played one after the other for the best experience. These levels are joined together through only small hub areas.

One of the interesting playing mode is to rebuild a castle. The castle was of Princess Peach. You have to join all the pieces in ordered arrangement in order to create the castle. The easier way to rebuild the castle is to use Chief Toadette. 

So, the question arises that how to earn this Toadette. The coins collection will help you get it. The story mode will be like a trailer to the original game. The length of the game is almost five hours. The story mode will make you a bit experienced for creating the own Mario. It will help you get the unexpected challenge solving techniques. 

The added features attract the gamers to the game ideas and more awaited game it became. The intelligent gamers who are good at making the tricky decisions will find the game more interesting and modes of the game varied as per the player’s mood. 

The endless mode will also be available in the game. It allows you to play a number of random challenges and the one up with passing a level. The player can play in this mode as long as it can survive. Super Mario Maker 2 will be an interesting game with full fun.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a side scrolling platform game. It allows the player to enjoy the story mode or creative mode of the game. The addition of new features is making the game particularly more beautiful and important in the game era.

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