Rainbow six Quarantine is a video game classification based on armament and another weapon-based battle in a first-individual point of view. Activity is monitored and experienced through the eyes of the character. The class imparts regular features to other shooter diversions, which eventually makes it fall under the heading activity game. 

Rainbow six Quarantine was developed by a new dedicated team at Ubisoft Montreal, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine is set several years in the future of the Rainbow Six Universe. Rainbow six quarantine hasn’t any direct connection with operation chimera but this game is inspired by operation chimera.

Rainbow six Quarantine is a squad-based tactical shooter game or a maximum of three players can play at a time. Set in 3-player coop PvE, players can prepare to launch into tense, chaotic and totally unpredictable missions as they will risk everything with their squad, every time they step into quarantine. 

The multiplayer part of the game highlights a "Participate in Progress" alternative, so players can play without break off. A helpful method of ongoing interaction is additionally included, permitting players online to finish the single player missions as a human player squad. This game would be available 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

The Rainbow players will face off against a totally new breed of mutated alien parasite infecting human hosts and their surroundings. These three players fight against these aliens and save the world from these aliens. Players are relied upon to storm into isolate zones around the nation and utilize the strategic activity that the arrangement is known to take out the contaminated. 

The game starts from a closed room where one of the characters is infected and fighting on his own against aliens when he was rescued by the other two members. The concept of the game is very natural and very catchy. Gunplay and combat are very similar to the Rainbow six siege but it is not mandatory to be a Siege player to play this game. Anyone who plays once will surely become addicted to this game.

Rainbow six Quarantine shares much of the same gameplay as Rainbow six siege but there are some notable modifications and additions. Games consist of several missions at different places and different aim. The composers from a previous release in the Rainbow six siege returned to do the music score for Rainbow six Quarantine.

 Music in the game is very soothing and helps in maintaining the perfect environment. The graphics of this game are amazing. Lights and music have a perfect combination and this creates a perfect atmosphere to play a game.

The weapon is a firearm or some other long-range weapon and can be used in combination with other tools such as grenades for indirect offense, armor for additional defense, or accessories such as telescopic sights to modify the behavior of the weapons. A common resource found in Rainbow six Quarantine is ammunition, armor or health, or upgrades which augment the player character's weapons.


Rainbow Six Quarantine is a battle game with the whole new range of weapons and their use. The player character is also customizable and related weapons are picked. There are missions which are to be completed by the player. The advanced features can be seen in the game.

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