Watch Dogs: Legion is an action game which combine the action with adventure. It is one of the most awaited upcoming game. We can see in the trailer of the game, there is a fantasy world of fight. The player is fighting with the enemy. The women characters are also added in the game. The additional feature is the combination of human characters with the inhuman characters. The citizens are also seen modern in the game. There is the bike riding by the player and killing the enemy. 

One can play the game in different modes and in different places. This is to be selected by the player. Police reporting and crime agency are also supposed to be in the game. You have to roam around the city parks, buildings, clubs and markets for seeking the target person. As there are hidden enemies and other citizens in the place, you have to find the enemy person, whose picture is in your phone, silently. Then, mask your identity and kill that enemy person through the silent gun. You have to fight with a number of enemy people at the same time. It adds more interesting features in the game. You are loaded with gun and related weapons which will be unlocked as the game progresses. The body actions are also used for the fight such as jump, kick, hit and made the enemy fall. The game is to be played very intelligently and timely to avoid the missing of the attack or stopwatch time. There are some spaceship attacks which are stopped by the player within the mentioned seconds. That is why, the game requires full attention.

The characters of the game are amenable to customization. The players can select the character from the lobby of the arena. Moreover, the change in weather, day time, and other features also change during the progress of the game. The game contains some features like detectives. As you have to intelligently find the person you are going to have fight with. The enemy character can also find you and kill you. You have to remain active from all the sides to avoid the attack and remain safe. 

These features make the game interesting, unique and playable for the several hours. Watch Dogs Legion's post is Brexit London. It is a whole new level of tech dystopia. Drones are used in the middle of the society. Some drones are basically flying cops who are equipped with various weapons. They are scanning for troublemakers at all times in the city. We can the game as ambitious game. The non-playing characters are also working in this game. If you kill a citizen, the family will come after you. A person's stats, which can be seen by the player on the device in their hands, are influenced by their backstory. Someone who had created 3D printed art forgeries gets a discount when using the in-game 3D printer in order to make new weapons. These all features make the game interesting.


Watch Dogs: Legion is an action game. Wonderful fighting experience can be expected from the game with advance technology. A city of darkness with the lights of clubs, buildings can be seen in the trailer. It is going to be a featured game with amazing characters.

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