Werewolf: the apocalypse is a role playing game. The game is full of action. The players in the game act as werewolves and they are being locked in a two front war against the enemies. The player will be playing this game as Garou who has the training to fight. The enemy in the game which is to be defeated by the player is the Apocalypse. The player has to kill all the humans involved in the Apocalypse. 

The story of this goinge game tells that if Apocalypse is not stopped, it  to destroy all the world. If Apocalypse is not killed, it is going to spread in the world like the spread of a parasite. So, in order to save the world, Garou has to fight against it and the people or forces who are involved with this. The game is featured not only about the people helping Apocalypse but also the supernatural forces that are helping it. 

It added mystery in the game. Moreover, the spirits can also re-enter the world to fight against the Garou. The player will be fighting with a number of characters and forces in the game at a same time, making the game more intense and tough.

The main feature of the game is the customized settings. The player can select the character of Garou and its style. The enemy’s style and look can also be changed as per the options. The option of 5 different forms is available for Garou. There are other characters in the game which are designed beautifully.

These characters belong to a number of tribes. Changing Breeds is also an option in the game which is mostly liked by the gamers. The focal point of the game can be described as environmentalism. The Garou has to stop the evil forces from destroying the natural world. The game look suggests a grey area which is to be used for playing. 

The characters of the game can also be shaped in human character, Homid. Another form is the wolf, named as Lupus. These forms will enable the player to hunt in the area and attack wisely.
The senses of the Lupus are sharp and is able to kill the enemy with a number of styles and methods. That is why, it is a well utilizable form of the player. 

Crinos, it is the half men form. The most exalted form of the game, it is given the power to tear of the enemy. The power of the Crinos is also much higher as it heals itself easier and faster. It jumps at the enemy with big claws and kill them. 

It can be seen in the game that the player has to roam in the buildings and roads to find the enemy and kill it. The sound track and shooting sounds are also added accordingly in the game which makes it worth important. After the first game, the wait for the sequel has been increased much by the gamers.


Werewolf: the apocalypse is a fighting game collecting together a number of features and characteristics. The action adventure are combined to get rid of Apocalypse. Garou, the main character is customized by the player which is adding to the beauty of the game. However, the use of darker theme in the game will be discussed only after its release.

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